Vouk Hotel Suites - News & Highlights

VOUK Hotel Suites – News & Highlights

Vouk Hotel Suites is committed to its responsibility to spearhead initiatives that would help improve the lives of the members of the community. We organise events and donation drives to support organisations providing care for the impoverished. As well as host dinners and gatherings for small-time entrepreneurs so we can help promote them.

  • Vouk Hotel Suites visited the Persatuan Tongkat Putih Pulau Pinang to donate blankets for their event — Charity is Our Duty.

  • Vouk Hotel Suites organised a collection drive of items such as clothing, blankets, books, etc., donated by members of the community. These were given to the beneficiary home — The Lighthouse Drop-In Centre.


    Vouk Hotel Suites hosted 70 underprivileged children from Rumah Permata Kasih and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Kesayangan Pulau Pinang. They were treated to a sumptuous spread of international and local delicacies, a busker performance, and a magic show. The evening ended with a duit raya distribution to all children.

  • The 8-hour event took place in front of Hardwicke House and was organised by our team at Vouk Hotel Suites. It is in aid of Persatuan Tongkat Putih Pulau Pinang — an organisation dedicated to create lifelong and sustainable employment opportunities for the visually impaired.

  • Food trucks are a part of George Town’s urban landscape. The convenience of picking up freshly cooked food without driving out to the city’s restaurants is what draws crowds to these mobile kitchens.

    To celebrate the growth of this industry, Vouk Hotel Suites held a Food Truck Carnival, gathering 27 food trucks from all over the island. The activity’s aim is to promote small local food and beverage entrepreneurs. At the same time, our team was able to raise RM 3,500 from the sales and donated it to The Cerebral Palsy (Spastic) Children’s Association of Penang.

  • The team at VOUK Hotel Suites is committed to support organisations that provide lodging, meals, and basic assistance to impoverished elders who have no immediate families to care for them. In line with this, we visited The Penang Buddhist Association & Gan En Zhi Jia and threw them a feast celebrating the Chinese New Year.

    The visits were filled with wondrous storytelling. Listening to the elders as they share their wisdom and life-changing experiences.

  • St. Joseph’s Home reaches out to and educates children from low-income families. They aim to give the children a holistic development by teaching them skills for future purposes and providing a community for them. Fueled with this shared passion, our team visited this home to spread cheers, love, and laughter.

    At the same time, we also visited The Lighthouse Penang Centre — a soup kitchen run by the Catholic Church of Penang. They provide free meals, basic amenities, and medical assistance to impoverished families. The centre also recommends various work opportunities to the families so they can have a means to earn income.